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Welcome to Heroes at Margraten

Thank you for visiting this site.

I'd like to ask your help in telling the stories of the valiant American soldiers who are laid to rest in my country at the U.S. Military Cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands. These men are not mere names on row after row of similar gravestones. They were young men in the prime of their lives, all wonderful and unique Americans whose hopes and dreams for the future would never be fulfilled. They answered the call of duty and gave more than was expected of them.

Therefore they deserve the everlasting gratitude of all people who enjoy the freedom for which they gave their lives. The more we know about these heroes of this great generation, the better their memory will be kept alive. Behind each individual soldier is a story of courage, humour, fate, sadness, duty, hardship, often heroism, unfinished youth and an unfulfilled future.

But because they were never able to tell their own stories, I'd like to ask you, their buddies, their comrades, their friends, their family, their fellow students, their co workers, their boyhood friends to tell their stories for them. Stories that will be interwoven in a book about these great men who 'gave the last full measure of devotion'.

If you are a comrade, or if you are related to any soldier who is laid to rest or mentioned on the Tablets of Missing at the U.S. Military Cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands, I would appreciate very much if you can answer some of the following questions on the questionnaire.

If you are not certain if the soldier you know is buried at Margraten Cemetery, check the site of the U.S. Battlefield Commission through this link to find out for certain that he is buried at Margraten Cemetery. If he is not, I am still very much interested to hear the story you may have, but it may not be used in this projected book. You will also find the soldier's army serial number here, which you'll need if you want to request official government records.
And if you are unable to provide some recollections, but might know someone else who could, please print or email the next page and pass it on.

And finally, most of all, don't postpone. There is no time like right now.


Click here for questionnaire